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AEM is experienced in providing wetland planning, permitting, and evaluation services to our clients.  We facilitate efficient processing time and provide quality service by working with our clients to identify project needs and to develop feasible solutions to meet regulatory requirements.


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Determinations and Delineations

AEM will conduct a determination if you are unsure if you have a wetland on your property, or if you want to know where a wetland boundary is, we will conduct a wetland boundary delineation.

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GPS surveys/Wetland boundary mapping

AEM will map your wetland boundaries to help you visualize how much of your project plans may be influenced by wetlands.

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Regulatory assistance - Mitigation design and monitoring

We will work with you to help you understand state and federal wetland regulations, and to help you identify an effective mitigation strategy for unavoidable wetland impacts.

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Next Steps...

Every project has its own unique characteristics and requirements.  AEM will work with you to identify an effective strategy that helps you meet your project goals.